About Us

Toa Music is the blend of 3 people on different journeys but with a shared goal - to create an eco friendly, high quality bluetooth affordable sound system that'll stay in place when you're out in the world, and give back to organizations dedicated to outdoor recreation.
No pressure eh. But these guys are up for it.


Sam Sutton

Sam is a 4 times World Extreme Kayak Champion. That's a big deal, which is why we used capital letters and bold typface in that title. It just wouldn't look right otherwise. Sam's success on the world kayaking stage is merely a reflection of his operating style - go hard, do it better than everyone else, and always give back. And use Capital Letters. And bold typeface.

Mike Dawson

Being a two times Olympic slalom kayaker and expedition paddler to some of the most remote corners of the earth has led Mike to realise that there's no such thing as a corner in the earth, because it's round, and that that's a terrible cliché. But having achieved so much in his life has crafted Mike's outlook to everything he does - strive for perfection and help others to achieve the same.

Phil Boorman

When dad bods became sexy, middle aged Phil thought he would finally be relevant again but instead had to rely on his life experience as a musician, entrepreneur and outdoor enthusiast to build businesses that focus on shared experience.