ToaPods - The ultimate fit.

ToaPods - The ultimate fit.

ToaPods are all about getting you kitted out to be able to send it with a clear soundtrack. We reckon we've matched the perfect blend of environmental stewardship and incredible sound quality is your perfect companion for going out and sending it.

They're stylish, and fit seamlessly. We've designed and tested ToaPods to ensure a snug fit, that grips the inside of your ear while you're out there doing the things you love, be that riding, running or yoga'ing. What ever it is, most individuals find these beauties fit perfectly.

When you get your new ToaPods, you'll find in the box 

  • Toa Pods
  • Charging case
  • Set of ear tips
  • USB Type-C charging cable
  • Zero Plastic



To get the right fit, pull out the ear tips where you'll find a few sizes to get the perfect fit. You can change out the silicone ear tips on your ToaPods and refit the appropriate size for your ear. You good to go. 


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