ToaPods or Headphones

ToaPods or Headphones

Are you wondering if a pair of ToaPods are right for you? Finding it hard to chose between EarBuds and Headphones? No worries, read on and we'll explain the advantages of the Toa Pods, and whether they're the right choice for you.

ToaPods are smaller than headphones, however this doesn't mean a compromise in the sound quality. Quite the opposite in fact, our ToaPods easily match the sound quality of headphones. There's also another sneaky benefit of ToaPods, you can hardly see or feel them. Once placed in your ear, the customization of the ToaPods with variable sized 'buds' means they really fit well. 



Are you always after music in your pocket? Always looking for a grab and go solution to having sounds on the run? Or are you an action sport lover and wanting something durable for out on the trail? Then ToaPods are best choice for you. Thanks to their small size they fit in any bag or pocket, and the ultra long battery life means they're good to go for longer that you can imagine.



The TrueWireless function of ToaPods means no tangly cables to worry about, just pair it with your phone and lets the tunes flow.



No matter what, it's important to make the decision right for you. Take into account whether you're looking for something to take on the road, just looking to listen at home? Always on the run - then ToaPods are right for you. If battery life is important for you, then ToaPods are a great option. The portable case doubles as a charging station meaning you'll be charging your ToaPods anytime they're in the case.

Looking for an accessory to motivate you through your workout. When thinking about the best option for you. Headphones or earbuds are great for exercising. Our ToaPods are designed to ensure they stay snug in your ear and always stay in place, no matter how fanatical you are about exercising. Plus, ToaPods are IPX-4 water resistant, which is very important when you get a sweat up.







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