This blew our minds!

This blew our minds!

We've been absolutely blown away by the incredible support from our community for the Toa brand and getting behind a startup keen to make a change and provide a good quality ear pod. Soooo thank you for signing up.


Just a few days ago, a new crop of Toa pods arrived at HQ. We were rather caught by surprise with how quickly our first rounds sold out, so if you’re looking to get your hands on a pair for yourself, or as a Christmas gift, then get in quick.


We're anticipating being able to ship until the 22 December for Christmas. 


Get a Pair of ToaPods



We need your help! 


Our big thing here at Toa Music is supporting local organizations with 10% of sales - organisations such as The Antarctic Heritage Trust and Whitewater New Zealand. So, if you know of any incredible organisations doing good things around you, then let us know.


And finally - Trees



We also plant a native tree for every pair of Toa Pods we sell, but we’ve gone a step further and with our next crop of trees to be planted we’ll be adding a name tag of the person who bought a pair, to that tree. So keep the tree planting stoke alive and have a tree grow in your name.



Now go get a pair, get out and send it, however that may be and Be Victorious.


Are you in? Click here to be part of the movement.


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