The River Runner Soundtrack - Out Now

The River Runner Soundtrack - Out Now

Are you looking for the best Spotify soundtrack to jam to on the backcountry mission? Then look no further. In 2021 adventurer and filmmaker Rush Sturges released 'The River Runner' a film documenting the life of living legend and whitewater pioneer Scott Lindgren.


Avid musician Rush Sturges created this mostly original playlist of tunes that bring this magical film to life. So throw in your Toa Pods , head over to Spotify and get inspired, get fired up and get out there and enjoy shredding to some of our fave beats. 

Listen now --> Spotify The River Runner


This film has a special connection with the Toa Music team as  whitewater runs deep in the veins of Toa Music with one of the founding team in Pakistan with 'The River Runner' team shooting Scotts historic descent.   

Watch The River Runner now on Netflix.  

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