Toa Pods Launch

Toa Pods Launch

It's time to change the game. To bring a new breed of sustainable music to the world stage.

A Toa Pod is all about doing things differently, leading change to bring you that 'Victorious' mindset as you shred. Sustainable music is just the starting point. A Toa Pod isn't just a product, it's a movement. We live by the belief that winning is sending it to a clear soundtrack. 



The Toa Pod  brings together the ultimate mix of brilliant sound, cool bamboo finish and sustainability. All in a bamboo pod. These pods are the sustainable way to charge to a tune while stopping the flood of plastic polluting our pristine environments.

Each Toa Pod is loaded with features. 

  • Easy tap and go set up.
  • 20 hrs of battery life.
  • IPX-4 Water Resistant
  • Sustainable wood housing.
  • Built in microphone
  • Noise cancelling.



All in all they're the shit. Get yours now. 



Brilliant sound, cool bamboo finish and easy tap and go set up. Your new Toa Pods will provide the soundtrack for everything - from your next sendy mission, to walking the dog or helping you ignore the drunk guy on the bus.



Be Victorious. Get yours now.


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