So what's the Toa Music Giveback Fund all about?

So what's the Toa Music Giveback Fund all about?
When the idea of Toa Music was born in Okere Falls, we set out to change the game in personal audio — A place where great quality personal electronic products exist and they aren't costing the Earth. Our journey began during a conversation wedged between kayaks on the back of a ute driving the short shuttle back to the top of the Kaituna River. A conversation that resulted in the birth of Toa Music & New Zealand's first sustainable personal audio brand. Maybe even the worlds first ?!
Our values are about preserving the world around us and that's where the Toa Music Giveback Fund came from. A place where we could fund charitable & community organisations doing incredible things. Right off the bat we committed 10% of all sales (total sales) to the Fund. We committed to making a difference and leaving a mark on our planet. The coolest part - by purchasing a pair you’re directly putting cash into the accounts of organizations doing cool things. Conserving our special places, building sick MTB trails or re-planting our forests, they're able to do more because of YOU and your generosity.
Right now we're partnered up with a bunch of incredible organizations and have been able to donate thousands of dollars.
Our partner organizations are

This is just the beginning. As we grow we're hoping to continue to grow this list and the support we can give them to keep doing what they're doing.



"We figured that the value shouldn't simply end when you receive your Toa Music pods in the letterbox. Our ToaPod creates the ultimate combination of quality, sustainability and giveback. To us, that's the connection between nature, outdoor experiences and the soundtracks we listen to while out there enjoying. The Toa Music Giveback Fund seemed like the a no-brainer to helping preserve our environments and the organizations that have helped us along the way. It was a natural fit."


Toa Founder Mike Dawson


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