Finding your flow with Toa.

Finding your flow with Toa.
It's time to turn it up! Music can enhance your flow on your local trail, here's how.
Well it's all about finding your flow. What's flow? you might ask. Flow. What is it? It's that ever sought state of mind where everything just happens perfectly. Some would say, it just flows. It's space where you're in tune with the track, your bike, your body and absolutely ripping the trail apart. 
Well, there's good new. Toa Music can help you get to your flow state easier and more frequently. That's what Toa Pods are all about, giving you access to high quality beats on the trail. 
Our goal with Toa Pods was creating a product that combines sustainability, with high quality sounds, durability and doesn't cost the earth. That way, by heading over to  and getting set up, you'll be flowing down your local trails! 
By throwing in your Toa Pods, before you head out the door to hit the dirt you'll going to be able to drop into the flow state easier. Flow state is often described as 'being so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter' Studies show that selecting 'your' banger play list is a key step to sinking into the cognitive state associated with flow. And music has been proven time and time again to assist in getting you to that state, faster. 
To get you started, we've found this epic playlist on Spotify to get you going up -

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