Can music make you a better athlete?

Can music make you a better athlete?

At Toa Music we believe that sending it to an epic sound track is winning, but can this also increase you athlete performance when you're out on the track shredding?


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 Will that perfect sound track help you tune into the moves, run faster or work harder? Perhaps it's as simple as upping the volume of your favorite songs?

There's one guys who has spent a quarter of a decade researching musics ability to get more out of your self - Costas Karageorghis is the author of the book, “Applying Music in Exercise and Sport” which is an in-depth analysis of studying music and its effect on the brain. The result, it's true. Music can be a stimulant, he said.  It can enhance mood, improve muscle control and help the brain build key muscle memories.


Here’s how:

“When the brain is listening to music, it lights up like a Christmas tree,” Karageorghis said. “It’s an ideal stimuli because it reaches [parts of the brain] that can’t easily be reached.”

By plugging in to the right tunes, the music you're listening too can activate several major brain areas at once. Often significant improving your ability to perform. His research shows the right beat can impact your parietal lobe,   the occipital, the temporal lobe, and the frontal lobe. These key parts to your brain drive and contain your emotions, your motor cortex, your rhythm and coordination. Ultimately, impacting these parts of your brain to get more from yourself. 


“Based on my research, music can be like a performance-enhancing drug. It’s just that intoxicating.”

Karageorghis’ findings show that syncing the tempo of the music to an athlete’s heart rate can have powerful outcomes, such as improved stamina, speed and athletic performance .

“You want to try to match your music tempo to your desire to work,” Karageorghis said. “That doesn’t mean just increasing the tempo, however, because there is a ceiling effect. Anything over 140 beats per minute won’t make you go any faster.”


The sweet spot, he said, is around 120 bpm, which is the average heart rate during a light jog.  

Using this information Karageorghis has crafted playlists that match heart rates. Here's one you can add to your shred day music list


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