Best Beats for long rides

Best Beats for long rides

The best beats to listen to when training for the Whaka 100. 

100km doesn't sound like a huge distance, but when you are riding a single track and constantly going uphill or down, it seems the most challenging part is staying sane for the length of time you need to be on the bike. 

Toa Pods have made an enormous difference in helping the time pass when out riding for hours on end. I usually start by catching up on my favourite podcasts. Luckily each episode is around an hour in length.

My First Million is a really wanky name, and the hosts also cringe with this title. Still, it is such a rad podcast to sit there and think about the opportunity in the world and hear fantastic insight from a variety of people who have overcome considerable obstacles to success. I really love the way it opens your mind to various ideas as often I find my mind narrowing living in this beautiful paradise. It is an excellent reminder that the world is a vast place and opportunity is at every corner.
I also think mixing this business mindset with a sustainable attitude can drive the next wave in creations, which is why we have plastic-free EarPods.




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