10 tips and tricks to being a ZeroWaste human.

10 tips and tricks to being a ZeroWaste human.

We read something that we thought was CRAZY. A wild fact floating around on the internet, that the team at TOA came across & we thought you should know. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) estimates an average American produces 2kgs of trash every single day.

That's almost a whopping ONE TON of waste in a single year. Shocking right. How does that relate to New Zealand? Have a read here.


This blew our minds, but reminded us the importance of our vision at ToaMusic which has always been focused on how can we change the waste game? How can we reduce our footprint on the environment around us and keep our beautiful little planet looking sexy.  Our Mission ‘chasing’ a zero waste mission in personal electronics.

Here's 10 of our tricks and tips for getting your 'ZeroWaste' on.

  1. Plastic water bottles and takeaway coffee cups: Getting a keeper cup or an insulated bottle not
    only protects the environment but keeps your coffee hotter and water warmer!
  2. Plastic cultery and straws: Bamboo is a great alternative to plastic on the go. Use your choices when purchasing takeaways to choose environmental products.
  3. Plastic Grocery Bags: There's so many epic reusuable options in this space. Forking out for reusable tots and cotton produce bags not only look all style but keep plastic (and lots of it) out of our environment.
  4. Gladwrap / Clingwrap: What ever it's called plastic wrap is bad (even though it's so convenient) Getting a set of beeswax wraps for food can make a world of difference.
  5. Food packaging:  Buying in bulk is a great way to bring your packaging waste down. It's tricky in the modern supermarket. Head to this bulk finder app and see if you can find something nearby.
  6. Technology upgrades: It's always great to get the latest and greatest, and often the big corporate's design products with obsolescence in mind. Buy products that last from brands that keep the environment at front of mind.
  7. Vehicles: Instead of commuting by car try and carpool, or choose a car-free day and use your bike. It's a great way to start the day and means you can get the exercise done on the commute!
  8. Toothbrushes: Switch out your plastic toothbrush for a wooden brush. Check out a company called Brush Naked or have a look at these great alternatives.
  9. Razors: These days billions of disposable razors land in our landfills (and environment) every year. Read this article...
  10. Ziplock Bags: Switch these babies out for reusable cotton sandwich baggies or a reusable food container.

Why is this important at ToaMusic? Our TOAPODS  were created to help you ditch the plastic. They  are crafted from ethically sourced bamboo and biodegradable straw plastic creating an EarPod with unbeatable sound that protects our environment. Find out more by heading to www.toamusic.co .

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