End Of Run Sale

End Of Run Sale

ToaPods, our wireless, bluetooth in-ear buds deliver superior sound quality and comfort for any occasion.


ToaPod In-Ear Headphones

$49.99 $139.00

Your music. The RIGHT way.

Exceptional sound quality is here. Toa Music's wireless, bluetooth in-ear buds deliver superior sound quality and comfort for any occasion.

Brilliant sound, cool bamboo finish and easy tap and go set up. Check out the Toa difference...

Interchangeable Noise Isolating ear tips to fit any ear.

Toa Signature Sound Quality produces Bright upper & mid frequencies, even bass tones and dynamic range.

Touch Control for easy skipping, volume control and phone calls.

Expertly Crafted from all Sustainable Materials.

Your new Toa Pods will provide the soundtrack for everything - from your next sendy mission, to walking the dog or helping you ignore the drunk guy on the bus.

Be Victorious. Get yours now.

Play your music while playing your part.

Helping Fund Awesome

We have committed 10% of total sales to fund community outdoor organisations.

Trees for Pods

Every single ToaPod sold plants a tree in your name protecting our world for future generations.

Sustainble music

Our In-Ear Headphones are crafted from ethically sourced bamboo and biodegradable straw plastic.

Toa ear buds are crafted from the highest quality renewable and biodegradable materials. The outer shell is constructed from ethically sourced bamboo while the inner casing is biodegradable wheat straw plastic. Hot damn they look cool.

The perfect blend of environmental stewardship and incredible sound quality is your perfect companion for going out and sending it. They're stylish, fit seamlessly, and don't stick out of your ear like other lame looking white overpriced pods that we won't name - mostly because they'll sue us, and they have way more money than we do.

We are currently in New Zealand replanting the riverbanks of the Kaituna River with native trees.

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TOA MUSIC has committed 10% from every TOA POD sold to fund community outdoor organisations doing awesome things. This means more cash to help create and maintain these places we love to live, explore and experience.

We think that's pretty cool.


The most epic addition to my riding kit. Can't rave enough about the durability, quality and stoke these Toa Pods have. Fully recommend

Jamie Garrod - New Zealand Mountain Biking

Amazing sound, they're super comfortable and it's cool to know that I've helped put some trees in the ground and contributed to groups that get kids into the outdoors!

Luuka Jones - 4 X NZ Olympian

I fell off my bike today. It really f#%ken hurt.

Phil Boorman



When you buy your new set of pods, we'll ask for your address and send them to you in any part of the world. Except the part of Canada where Nickelback are from. We don't know where that is exactly, but ruining music has consequences. Sorry.

Can I use my toa pods when making and taking phone calls?

Yes. Your Toa Pods Bluetooth function will enable you to make hands free phone calls. If you were T-Rex, you'd be thanking us. Although you'd need help putting the pods in your tiny little dinosaur ears.... Never mind. You get the picture.

Are my Toa Pods Water Resistant?

Our Toa Pods have a waterproof rating IPX4. That means they can withstand continuous water splashing from any direction. So you can still go out and send it in the rain and know they'll stand up to the task. Run, ride, do handstands, play air guitar, whatever smokes your tires... Just don't go scuba diving in them - that would be silly.

What are the sustainable materials used in my toa pods?

Our pods are crafted from FCS Certified Nature Wood bamboo and ABS Wheat Straw Biodegradable plastic. No Nickelback fans were harmed in the testing of our product.